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Professional Provider Of Commercial And Residential Exterior Remodeling Services

The outside of your home or business should look nothing short of absolutely stunning! After all, folks can CONSTANTLY look at the outer half of your property -- so shouldn’t they have something truly remarkable to look at?

They certainly should! And thanks to our variety of exterior remodeling services, we at Madison Remodeling can get your home or business looking just as beautiful as can be while also making it as FUNCTIONAL as can be!


garage door opening

All of your valuable yard equipment, paint, tools, and the like all need somewhere to be stored -- and that somewhere should be secure from potential thieves! With a garage provided by Madison Remodeling, you can be sure that your valuables will be kept as safe as can be!

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home additions

At some point, you might find that you and your life have outgrown your current home or office. As families and businesses thrive, they often require more and more space, after all. And should you find yourself a little cramped in your current home or office, don’t spend the money on buying a larger one! Instead, call on Madison Remodeling for a quality addition to make room for all your life’s changes!

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window replacement

Your windows are a necessary part of your home or office. They both provide extra light and a peek at the outside world as well as extra insulation that helps lower your heating and cooling bills. If you need window work to help you enjoy all of the things that windows can provide, then call on Madison Remodeling for our quality window work!

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residence siding

Siding is a great addition to any home or office! It not only makes any building look GREAT but also provides extra protection against water and termite damage. If you are in the market to have siding installed or simply worked on, then call on the remodeling contractors at Madison Remodeling!

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residential exterior door

First and foremost, your doors should provide security from unwelcome guests. But a door shouldn’t simply serve that function: It should also look great! To get the most secure and the best-looking door for your home or business, call on the contractors at Madison Remodeling for quality door work and installation!

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roofer installing asphalt shingles

Whether you want asphalt shingles, flat or metal roofing, our experts can help you out! We are pros at installing, repairing and replacing roofs and we understand how important your roof is to your residential or commercial property. Don't hestiate to contact Madison Remodeling when you need top quality roofing services for your home or business!

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Gutters & Downspouts


An underrated but VERY important component that helps to keep your home safe is your gutters and downspouts. As they direct water away from your home, they help prevent that water from seeping into your foundation and causing structural issues. If you need any work done on these most useful of components, don’t hesitate to call on Madison Remodeling today!

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wet concrete being smoothed out

If you want the exterior of your property looking as great as possible, then you should consider what concrete can do for you! We have a variety of concrete products we can offer you, from exterior stone to stamped concrete with unique beautiful patterns. Be sure to call Madison Remodeling when you are looking for beautiful concrete pathways and decorations!

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If you are looking for an exterior remodeling professional, then please call Madison Remodeling at (859) 983-8036 or complete our online request form.

*We have many coupons/specials on the web. In regards to any giving a 10% discount for something, the max discount is not to exceed $500.00. Any offer, discount, coupon, etc… cannot be combined with another. Any discount must be mentioned at time of setting appointment.