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Ceramic or Wood: Which Flooring Option Is Right for You?

Ceramic and hardwood both present some compelling reasons to pick them as your new flooring option. Of course, you can pick only one, so you should be sure to pick the best option for you and your needs. And to determine the right flooring option for you, check out our quick guide to the key pros and cons of ceramic and hardwood:

Ceramic Flooring


  • Long-lasting -- will last for decades
  • Easy to maintain -- just sweep and mop
  • Good for allergies -- won't lock in dust


  • Breakable -- will crack under pressure and duress
  • Cold -- you might not be too crazy about ceramic on winter mornings
  • Hard -- uncomfortable to walk, stand, or sit on





Hardwood Flooring


  • Long-lasting -- can last as long as your home
  • Beautiful -- hardwood comes in a variety of colors that will make your home stand out
  • Valuable -- will add extra value to your home


  • Maintenance requirements -- need regular work that can be costly
  • Easy to scuff -- your daily life can leave visible damages
  • Expensive -- perhaps the costliest flooring option

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