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Top Tips for Picking Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Remodeling

Choosing new cabinets can be an exciting task but it can also feel a bit overwhelming. The choice you make should be something you can have for years to come.

So it’s important to make a decision that’s based on logic as well as preference. Unfortunately, a common mistake homeowners make is choosing based on appearance without feedback from professional remodeling contractors.

It’s important for your cabinetry to be as functional as it is beautiful. Make a wise and informed choice and you’ll never have to worry about regretting the decision you made.

Making Your Cabinet Selection Successful

If part of your kitchen remodeling includes new cabinets, you want to make sure you make good choices. Some tips for picking cabinets you’ll love, for years to come, include:

Pick Your Profile

By this, we mean choose your door profile first. Especially since this is the main feature that is the focal point of the room. This is the most visible design element of your cabinets so it’s important to make choices accordingly.

Select the Style

The style of the door is different than the profile. Working with a professional is the key to understanding the different elements and making good choices. Your budget will play a big role in narrowing down the style options you can select from.

Know Your Wood

The wood you choose has a lot to do with the overall look and, of course, the cost. A popular choice is dark cherry wood; it warms the kitchen and offers a rich overall look. However, there are plenty of other choices and, if you’re painting instead of staining, the look of the natural wood grain won’t matter.

Combine Beauty & Functionality

Choosing for just looks is as big a mistake as selecting for just functionality. The right decision should be based on a combination of both. Be realistic about how much storage you actually need because it’s common to pick slender styles for a sleek and modern look, and then end up without enough storage.

Don’t Overlook Organization

The choices you make should help you better organize your own kitchen, based on your personal needs. Some households have multiple dish sets while others do lots of baking and need different types of storage. Your cabinets can be customized to your specific organization needs.

Utilize Every Inch

The bottom line is that planning your cabinets and your kitchen is about making proper use of every available inch. Don’t waste space that could be put to better use. Work with a professional who has that same view and can offer suggestions for maximizing every single inch.

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