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When You Need Shingle Replacements Or New Installations, You Can Count On Our Specialists

You work your tail off every single day to keep a roof over your head -- so shouldn’t it be nothing short of a GREAT roof? We at Madison Remodeling certainly think so.

And we can help get and KEEP that great roof over your hard-working head thanks to our quality roofing services! We can provide your home or business with a variety of great roof types -- one of the BEST types being the always-agreeable asphalt shingles!

That’s right: shingles. Though the look may be none-too-different and exciting, aesthetically speaking, asphalt shingles will prove to be just about one of the BEST roofs you can provide for ANY building. And just what makes shingles SO compelling as a roofing option?

Quite a few things, in fact! And if you are still on the fence about shingles for your roof, then just read on, and we’ll enlighten you to some of asphalt shingles’ most compelling features:

Get Fire Resistant Shingles!

When you think of the things that can happen to absolutely destroy your property and your quality of life, a fire is likely to be up there. Destructive and oftentimes unpredictable, fires can go from a scary surprise to a levelled home before you can even fully process what’s happening!

Because fires are so destructive and -- unfortunately -- so relatively common, you need to take any and ALL precautions to help contain fires, if not prevent them.

And one of the best steps you can take in that endeavor is to get a shingle roof for your home or business!

Proudly sporting a Class-A fire-resistance rating -- the HIGHEST rating for a roof -- asphalt shingles will help to provide your home or business with the kind of protection you need to prevent fires from leveling your entire property.

Fires can happen for any reason -- almost to the point that they can be unavoidable. But though you may not be able to prevent ALL the potential causes of a fire, you CAN help to protect your property from suffering the WORST of fire damage -- by having asphalt shingles installed!

Impact Resistant, Too

Of course, fires are not the ONLY thing that can cause your property damage. Another BIG detriment to your property is Mother Nature and her regular fits.

These fits can send debris flying from all over: trees, yards containing unsecure items, open dumpsters, etc. And once these items get to flying about (and flying QUICKLY, more often than not), your home or business will be a large and vulnerable target.

Should some bit of heavy flying debris come flying at your roof, you could be looking at a very serious and very COSTLY problem -- one that could leave you with a surprise skylight until you can get it addressed!

With a shingle roof, though, you can minimize the chance of this damage from occurring. Sporting a Class-4 impact-resistance rating (like its fire rating: the highest one possible), a shingle roof will provide you the best possible protection from Mother Nature’s unavoidable fits!

For your home or business, safety is pinnacle: safety for the building itself and, most of all, safety for YOU. And to help ensure the greatest safety for your property and yourself, get an asphalt shingle roof installed. With its fire- and impact-resistance, a shingle roof will help to protect you from Nature’s most unavoidable dangers!

If you are in the market for a shingle roof, then don’t hesitate to call on the roofing contractors at Madison Remodeling today for top-quality roofing work! Our staff has the experience and the expertise to promise that, with us, you’ll get only the highest-quality shingle roof replacements and installations for your home or business!

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